Il Commento

English version of “La versione francese dell’11 settembre. L’agenda di Syriza”

What happened in France is a perfect lesson in the Art of political Science. A regime, on the verge of collapse, shrewdly used the French version « September 11 2001 » to promulgate the « Holly Union » against terror to save itself. While before the terrorist attacks everybody believed that the socialist regime was dying because of ultra-Hayekian agenda, henceforth the President is the saviour of fartherlord. Nobody anymore dares or wants to denounce the addiction of the socialist techno-elite to Feudal Monetary Economy including obdurate faith in fiscal ultra-orthodox policy with horror of deficits, desire to amply with the rentier animal spirits of corporate leadership, and de facto serendipitous indifference to always rising unemployment, poverty and inequality. Indeed, the ruling propaganda praises two good-gifts events: the sudden drop in oil prices and the depreciation of the Euro which seems endless. They should promote exports and rise in purchasing power. Thereby why should we abandon our Feudal Agrarian Economics? Even the far-left thrives on these good-gifts. It is indeed stupendous that we should applaud the collapse of the Euro while, before, those who dared to leave the Euro-inquisitional system were accused of betting on a depreciation of their currency. Finally, all seems secure while the regime survives on a obsessive war propaganda, who should care of truth and logic? Recent events prove that like Cassandra I was too optimistic in my direst expectations. The Syriza regime is now begging for the help of international institutions and financial markets. Its sole agenda is to prove that it is entirely endorsing the International Monetary Fund-Euro Agenda by implementing the required dramatic “reforms”. Finally, I am convinced that the Varoufakis-Tsipras regime is some kind of fascist party. It is why I refused to endorse a manifesto of James Galbraith applauding the new regime.

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