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The Greek miracle: François Mitterand and his evil adviser Jacques Attali are born from the deal in Athens

I am always bearing the burden of Cassandra: my worse expectations sanctified. The first time I heard of Syriza and his demagog supreme leader, I was at one convinced that a cruel slare was the fatal fate of the Greeks. Both were absolutely ignorant of fundamental economics. Both had been picked up to save the Euro dictatorship, balancing the budget, paying back the whole fictitious deb, international bankers, high priests of the religion of austerity needed a new team of slaves. Mr Varoufakis, a “specialist of game theory” ignoring MMT, he told me that Central Banks had to borrow money (!). A former “protégé” of Mr Papandreou, with the highest support in the USA, a heir of the rentier Greek pseudo-Aristocracy, is exactly some avatar of Jacques Attali. He advised the Prime Minister, more ignorant than François Mitterrand, to use Mitterrand Strategy: lies, promises, and after renouncing them the sake of stability. It is very sad for Greeks who were bedevilled by the new Euro “heroes”. In some way, it was exactly the strategy of François Hollande, the art of lies is henceforth the root of power, the new “Road to Serfdom” (Hayek).

Comradely, Alain Parguez

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