Alfredo D'Attorre
Alfredo D'Attorre
politician, Sinistra Italiana

2nd Round Table: The Transition Job Plan

Alfredo D’Attorre

  15 minutes

Alfredo D’Attorre is currently a congressman of the Italian Republic for the constituency of Calabria, a position to which he entered as a member of the Partito Democratico. Opposed to the policies of austerity and a defender of the insustainability of the euro, at the end of 2015, due to his disagreement with the policies of the government of Mateo Renzi, the dropped out of the Partito Democratico and he joined the parliamentarian group of the Sinistra Italiana —Sinistra, Ecología, Libertà. A PhD on Philosophy and Human Sciences from the University of Pisa, D’Attorre has worked as a researcher before he entered politics.